We write classic, well-crafted songs targeted for the "smart set" without disdaining everyone else. Our music is popular with people who love the Golden Age of Broadway and the Great American Songbook, but long to hear something new.






Dream On (2017)

"Dream on
And hear the lullaby of life
You're worthy of your dreams..."

Eighteen new songs and stories, available exclusively at CD Baby, physical CDs and digital downloads

Titles: Look Up/Spring Forward/When I Was A Little Girl/Caitlyn/How Do I Look?/Perfect/Texas 1969/Talk/The Name Song/App/Shallow Bitch/Give Me The Shtrength/Father Flynn/Sister Andrea/The Eyes Of Youth/I Love This Town/What Happens/Dream On


Coming soon: "Dream On, a songwriting life" music documentary, directed by Bill Hopkins. A 55-minute behind-the-scenes look at the recording process including studio footage, interview, and archival photographs.


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"Greetings From Yorkville" at the SoHo Playhouse


"I Was Here" from the CD, LABOR OF LOVE, featuring guitarist John Putnam.


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Review: "Dream On" CD Cabaret Scenes, Bart Greenberg

Review: "Dream On" performance Cabaret Scenes, Marilyn Lester

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Photo: Mary Ann Lopinto                                 2017 BISTRO AWARD WINNERS

Photo: Mary Ann Lopinto                                 2017 BISTRO AWARD WINNERS

Photo:  Carol Rosegg

Photo:  Carol Rosegg

Photo: Peter James Zielinski

Photo: Peter James Zielinski

Photo: Carol Rosegg

Photo: Carol Rosegg